Seamless integration between Mailchimp and Appsero

Seamless Integration between Appsero and weMail

Integrate Appsero with weMail and
for A Better Email Marketing!

Connect with weMail and start sending awesome emails, grow
subscriber lists & promote products

How to Integrate weMail+Appsero
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What Does Appsero &
weMail Integration Do?

Check out all the cool stuffs you get to do with weMail & Appsero


Users allow Appsero to collect
analytics from their WordPress


The user’s email will be added to
your weMail list with the tag of
the plugin slug.


If the user deactivates later,
Appsero removes the tag from the
subscribers’ list.

Add Custom Tags in weMail

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Tags for active customers

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Change tags when customer deactivate

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Add custom tags for better email marketing

What you need from
weMail to Enable All Features
with Appsero

To get your product data sync with weMail, here are the steps you need to follow


Open Your Account
in weMail


Create a subscriber
list there.


Create Store in

Frequently Asked

What is Appsero?

Appsero is a killer WordPress analytics, licensing & deployment tool. If you want to sell your WordPress plugin or theme - Appsero has got you covered. Appsero offers plugin usage insights, license management, sales analytics, release management, deactivation analysis, and more. Appsero wants your plugin or theme to succeed by empowering all WordPress developers with a better tool.

How does Appsero Work?

Getting started with Appsero is very simple. Whether you are adding a free or premium plugin - you just need to paste a few lines of code to your plugin/themes main file. And that’s just it. You can start leveraging all features of Appsero easily.

Can I Use Appsero if I Use Easy Digital Downloads/WooCommerce/Envato?

Yes! Of course. We have built Appsero for every WordPress developer out there. It doesn’t matter how you want to sell your plugin. We don’t mind if you want to keep using your existing stack and use Appsero or migrate to Appsero for everything. Either way, Appsero has all the options open for you.

Is this a trial or limited version?

No. All Appsero features are free while in beta. We want to build a better product for all WordPress developers and we figured out we cannot do it without your feedback. That’s why Appsero is completely free.

How Is My Data Being Handled?

Rest assured. All your data is safe. We only use your data to provide you with a better Appsero experience. You can read more about our Privacy Policy. If you ever wish to delete your data, just email us to support[at] Also, the Appsero SDK does not collect any data without the user’s permission.

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