How many customers do you want to manage? Help Text The number of customers you expect to manage using Appsero (You’ll have access to all Appsero premium features includes licensing, deployments, exporting data & more. If you ever exceed your limit, you’ll be auto-upgraded to the next tier & billing will be prorated)

  • Free Plugin
  • 500
  • 1500
  • 2500
  • 5000
  • 10K
  • 10k+
Monthly Annually (Free 2 Months)
Your Price Free Forever Manage Unlimited Free Plugins
fee plugins Manage only free plugins.
fee plugins Plugin/Theme Usage Analytics
fee plugins 8 Integrations
fee plugins All Reports
fee plugins Access reports up to 2 months
fee plugins Continuous Deployment from Git
fee plugins Deactivation Auto Responder
fee plugins Daily/Weekly Performance Digests
fee plugins Appsero Branding
Starting at $ 20 20 / month Manage up to 500 licenses
Spend $0.040 per license
Annual discount applied. You are saving  $50
fee plugins Plugin/Theme Usage Analytics Get exclusive analytics from your customers, updated periodically
fee plugins License Management Manage licenses of your customers and push updates to only verified users
fee plugins Exclusive Integrations Access exclusive integrations with Git services, Payment Platforms, Email services & more
fee plugins All Reports Access all reports with granular controls
fee plugins Access reports up to 1 year Manage all reports up to 1 year
fee plugins Exporting Data to CSV Export all report to CSV for great efficiency and data analysis
fee plugins Manage Deployments from Dashboard Push new updates of a WordPress product as a zip file directly from the Appsero dashboard. Customers with a valid license key get the updates only.
fee plugins Continuous Deployment from Git Deploy plugin/theme updates directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab. Even push updates from Git.
fee plugins Deactivation Auto Responder Send a feedback email as soon as someone deactivates your plugin/theme. This feature is effective to improve the active installation of your WordPress project up to 300%.
fee plugins Daily/Weekly Performance Digests Get reports of active installation growth, deactivations, sales growth and more. Get notified on a daily/weekly or monthly basis.
fee plugins Fully White-labeled Customize all emails and promotional emails with your brand name, logo and branding material. Give your users a fully white-labeled experience.
fee plugins + Everything in Free Also includes all features that are already included in the free tier.
Add-on: Teams Let's Talk $ 16 / month For 4 person. Later, $5/person/month.
fee plugins
Access Control

Supercharge your team with superior permission management for each user.

fee plugins
Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage multiple WordPress accounts, integration accounts, Git accounts and more.

14 days money back gurantee

Our Fair Refund Policy

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our help & support service. However, if our plugin still doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money within 14 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked.

Frequently Asked

What happens when I use more than my monthly usage limit?

Don’t worry. Appsero will automatically switch you to the next tier. Pricing will be prorated.

What happens to my users if I don’t pay Appsero?

Appsero will continue managing your licenses even if you don’t immediately pay. You will get 1 month time to pay your due. If you fail to pay even after 1 month, your users will see an error message while trying to activate plugin. Appsero will also stop all its services (collecting deactivation data/automatic email capturing/deployment etc).

Can I add free plugins if I use Appsero premium?

Of course, yes! Adding & managing free plugins is always free?

Can I add plugins to my personal profile if I use Appsero teams?

No. Appsero bills personal usage and teams usage separately. If you subscribe to any of the premium plans from your personal profile, you can manage premium plugins.

What if I exceed my monthly limit?

Appsero will automatically upgrade you to the next tier.

What if I want to downgrade?

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to downgrade you.

How many plugins can I add as a premium user?

Unlimited. Appsero bills on your monthly license usage, not how many plugins you add.

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